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Caucasian Sheepdog is the rarest pedigree, which is characterized by original features. It is considered that old ancestor of the Caucasian Sheepdog was a Tibetan dog. However, because of climate conditions it turned into a unique pedigree, having specific features.

It has not been found any historical data to specify exact date of appearance of pedigree of Caucasian Sheepdog in the Caucasus. According to researchers, spreading of Caucasian Sheepdog began from middle centuries. It has been proved historically that in 18th century Caucasian Sheepdog was widely used for watching of military, other strategic objectives, and detention places in Georgia and other countries.

In Georgia Caucasian Sheepdog was used as a guard of cattle and houses. Its development occured drastically.

Only in 30`s of last century specialist showed their interest in studying of Caucasian Sheepdog pedigree. At the same period European and foreign cynologists paid attention to this pedigree.

In particular, the sheepdog is distinguished with its ability to easily adapt to severe climate, moreover, it needs less food to compared with European Service Pedigrees.

According to A. Mazover, a famous cynologist and other well known specialist it is proved the there are 4 pedigrees of Caucasian sheepdog: Georgian, Armenian, Dagestan and Azerbaijan. The most preferable and interesting is considered Georgian one. It is characterized by thick bone, attractive long hair, and massive structure. Therefore, Soviet cynologists decided to breed the standard of Caucasian Sheepdog from this type.

During the Second World War, great number of Caucasian Sheepdogs was taken to Russia to breed a new pedigree. it should be noted that after completing the selection works the best pedigree features of Caucasian Sheepdog was even more improved.

Unfortunately, there was not paid enough attention to popularization and preservation of Caucasian Sheepdog pedigree features in Georgia. According to an expedition conducted in 60`s last century, there was not found even one pure pedigree of Caucasian Sheepdog to breed preferable generation.

It should be mentioned that after conducting selective activity in Russia, the Caucasian Sheepdog achieved its high pedigree perfection. It has been formulated as complete Cultural pedigree, which is registered in all International Organizations. It bacame popular and leader among service pedigrees in many countries. Nowadays, Georgian pedigree of Caucasian Sheepdog that meets world standards is widely spread.



The Dog breeding ~Tabakini~ nursery founded in 1992. During in this time we achieve a lot of. We have conect the famous dog breeding nursery of Russia and Georgia. Our task is to increase all over the World Caucasian Sheepdog.