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It consists of the old and the new parts. The old part includes two-nave temple of VII-VIII centuries. It was restored in XI, then in XVI centuries. It was painted in the first half of XVI century. The Cathedral has betray near by. In XX century, during the Communist Atheism, the Cathedral and mural painting was damaged as it was not roofed.

In 1980-86 years it was roofed and restored. The new part was built in 90 years of XX century. It is the residence of the monks, with its yard. In 2000 year, there was built one nave cathedral of Twelve Apostles and was painted.In 1992 the cathedral was blessed again. Monk Jacob (Chokhonelidze) is located in this monastery with the help of the congregation and kind people. The residence for monks, the monastery is supplied with water and electricity. By and by the numbers of the members grows. Father Jakob is supported by priest-monks Varakieli and Mattew. Last year they were moved to another monastery.

A lot of young men got advices instructions in the monastery.

Now the monastery is headed by monk Jakob and his five assistants.